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The October 2020 issue of
DRIP Investor newsletter.


"Children involved!"

Believe me, I would have to be destitute to give up DRIP Investor. Because of you . . . I have gotten our three children involved in investing. And because I mentioned it in my Christmas card to a young friend, she wrote back asking for more information as she and her husband wanted to start investing.

— Joan Draper, Bowling Green, KY

"$166,288 Portfolio . . . "

We want to thank you for your DRIP Investor. You gave us a chance to purchase stock, and we now have a portfolio of $166,288.93, with the help from your DRIP Investor. Your work is appreciated!

— Harold & Edith Stephens, Aurora, CO

"My broker laughed!"

At the age of 46, I am new to the stock market. About 10 years ago, I was laughed at by a stock broker when he found out that I had only $1,000 to invest. He told me that he wasn’t going to waste his time on such an insignificant amount. At that point, I wrote off the idea of ever owning stocks, until about a year ago when I purchased 7 stocks in order to use dividend reinvestment as part of my savings strategy. Today, I have 10 stocks and am really having fun watching them grow.

— E.G.D., Jr., Lawrenceville, CA

"Investing on a shoestring!"

I owe you a huge THANK YOU! In 1988, I graduated with a degree in Finance, concentrating in investments. I always knew there were great opportunities in the market, I just didn’t have the "big bucks" to take advantage of them . . . In August, 1993, I started my first DRIP with one share of Nevada Power. Since then, my holdings have grown to about 30 stocks worth $6000. I wouldn’t have made it to $1,000 if I had to buy in 100 share lots and pay brokers’ commissions.

— J.N. (on PRODIGY)

"A great job "

Just received and read through October issue of DRIP Investor. Very useful, as usual. Am pursuing a few leads first mentioned in this new issue. You do a great job of ferreting out valuable new data on the DRIP movement.

— S.H., Urbana, IL

"Clear, honest, you bet. . . "

Over the years I have accumulated over 25 prime DRIP accounts — all of which are doing well thanks to your honest straight forward guidance and clear presentation of the facts in DRIP Investor. Investment pays.

— B. B., Pensacola, FL

"A 22% return . . ."

Using your advice and newsletter I have a 22% return on my investment and I am having a great time. I have in the past, and will continue to do so, recommend your books and newsletter to friends who want to invest.

— Ervin R. Pridgen, Moriches, NY

"I read it over and over "

I could write all day long and never fully make you understand how much I enjoy the DRIP Investor paper. I read and read and read it over and over and enjoy it more each time. Your book Buying Stocks Without A Broker has almost become an everyday reading for me; in the past, I have purchased several and gave them as gifts to friends and family.

— Joe Grezaffi, III, Melbourne, FL

"Dependable reference source "

I have followed your advice for several years; invested in the Mutual Fund you are managing; and NEVER loan my scribbled in, well stuffed with notes, personal copies of your books. Keep up the good work and I will keep using you as a dependable reference source for my own and other’s investments, credit properly given of course.

— John A. Latshaw, Jasper, TN

"The best"

There are several sources for further information, but the best is the monthly DRIP Investor newsletter.

— Herb Greenberg, Business Insider
The San Francisco Chronicle

"Excellent, cost-effective vehicle "

As you know, Texaco recently subscribed to your DRIP Investor newsletter because we believe it represents an excellent, cost-effective vehicle for us to keep abreast of the latest developments in DRIPs. We have been in the DRIP business since 1976 and take a lot of pride from the fact that within the corporate community we are viewed as a trendsetter in the DRIP business.

— Stockholder Services Manager
Texaco, Inc.


If you want to get seriously involved in acquiring shares through DRIPs, you should read Buying Stocks Without A Broker, by Charles Carlson, or subscribe to Carlson’s monthly newsletter, DRIP Investor.

— Terry Savage
"New Money Strategies for the ’90s"

"The Guru "

Chuck Carlson is the guru of the do-it-yourself strategy.

— The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Everything you need "

The best source that I can recommend to keep up with the latest DRIP information is the monthly publication DRIP Investor. The subscription price is well worth it. Considered "Your Guide to Buying Stocks Without A Broker," this newsletter updates you each month on which DRIPs are worth looking into.

— "The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Money on Wall Street"

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